This is DIRTT

Find out what makes us tick and the many advantages of our approach to interior construction.

Kuchar is Alaska’s leading expert in custom prefabricated construction. We proudly employ local men and women specializing in a wide range of design and construction practices. Our past DIRTT projects include new construction and remodels of medical facilities, restaurant offices, schools, private homes, and government buildings. We train our employees to work around substantially reduced timelines and to minimize delays and overhead. Our work is precisely calculated, consistently impeccable, and always priced fairly.

We are proud to serve Alaska, and of our relationship with other DIRTT partners for projects in LA, IL, and WA.

More About What We Do


DIRTT walls provided by Kuchar Construction employ cutting edge technology to customize your space. Efficient, robust, and manufactured for quick replacement means a swift lead time and installation.


Sliding doors save space and cost with no lack of design options. Elegant style and efficient use of space are the hallmark of DIRTT door solutions. Traditional hinge doors, pocket doors, and a variety of pivot doors are also available.


Custom millwork is part of the DIRTT solution. Fast lead times and precision installation to meet your needs. No matter your application: healthcare, education, business, or residential – DIRTT millwork will set your interiors above the rest.


Custom integrated power solutions that fit you. Need a power outlet in an odd place? No problem, DIRTT solutions are custom designed and manufactured for your space. Plug and play design allows for rapid, low waste reconfiguration.


Prefabricated for your needs and adaptable, DIRTT solutions integrate the modern networks that keep everything running smoothly. Modular wall design means we can integrate anything you need: tablets, speakers, TV’s, smart boards, and all future technologies you will need.


DIRTT floors support all of the technology and flexibility of other DIRTT solutions. Modular, open ended design, and easily integrated into your space and systems already in place, DIRTT floors give you the versatility you need with the style you love.

Achieve Your Green Building Goals

Kuchar Construction and DIRTT have a deep respect and dedication to several green building programs including LEED, Living Building Challenge, and the WELL Building Standard. Through DIRTT’s building methods we can help reduce your structure’s carbon footprint and achieve sustainability goals beyond the parameters of a green building certification.

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