Build in this century, not the last.

We combine the power of DIRTT with our expertise in general contracting and project management to bring Alaskans custom, prefabricated solutions and quality craftsmanship. DIRTT’s move-in ready interiors (like their pre-built walls and cabinets) are designed specifically to your needs, are drastically economical over the lifetime of your building, and can be installed over extremely short timelines. Kuchar is proud to be Alaska’s leader in providing and installing these customized interiors.

We design DIRTT interiors using our in-house drafting and modeling software, ICE. Our certified installers may easily modify your interiors post original installations-leaving you the ability to advantageously adapt your space to needs as they develop.


DIRTT walls provided by Kuchar Construction employ cutting edge technology to customize your space. Efficient, robust, and manufactured for quick reconfiguration means a swift installation and lead time.


Sliding doors save space and cost with no lack of design
options. Elegant style and efficient use of space are the hallmark of DIRTT door solutions. Traditional hinge doors , pocket doors, and a variety of pivot doors are also available.


Custom millwork is part of the DIRTT solution. Fast lead times and precision installation to meet your needs. No matter your applications: healthcare, education, business, or residential – DIRTT millwork will set your interiors above the rest.


Custom integrated power solutions that fit you. Need a power outlet in an odd place? No problem, DIRTT solutions are custom designed and machined for your space. Plug and play design allows for rapid, low waste reconfiguration.


Prefabricated for your needs and adaptable, DIRTT solutions integrate the modern networks that keep everything running smoothly. Modular wall design means we can integrate anything you need: tablets, speakers, TV’s, smart boards, and all future technologies you will need.


DIRTT floors support all of the technology and flexibility of other DIRTT solutions. Modular, open ended design, and easily integrated into your space and systems already in place, DIRTT floors give you the versatility you need with the style you love.

Experts in all building methods.

While DIRTT is an extremely versatile and specialized product to build, our crew is trained in all building methods. Each man and woman has several disciplines of expertise including cutting edge installation practices involving embedded technology; medical, power, and data integration; and on-site problem solving resourcefulness. We train and trust our crew to make informed decisions that minimize delays and prevent cost overruns. We have installed DIRTT products in hospitals, clinics, commercial kitchens, museums, corporate offices, and residential homes in urban and rural Alaska.

We ARE your Factory Direct DIRTT Solution

Kuchar is the elite DIRTT provider and installer in Alaska. We are licensed, bonded, and insured to design, build, and service any DIRTT solution.

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